Smart steamer

Smart steamer

Buy your smart steamer and buy the meals.

How it works?
You simply buy your smart steamer and afterwards you're able to pick, choose and order the meals that you like at your own paste.

The Mealhero chef does the shopping
But you decide which boxes, meals or ingredients you want delivered at home.

You decide
You can choose the meals that you like and set your own deliveries. Every week? Every 2 months? The choice is completely yours.

Your smart steamer does the cooking
Your smart steamer will recognize all ingredients and will prepare them to perfection every single time.

Price smart steamer

Price meals
Between €6 and €10 depending on the total size of your order. Have a look at the meals in your mealhero app (free download).



Order meals

You pick the meals that you like in your mealhero app.

Either go for a suggest meal kit, single meals or separate ingredients.

You are able to choose every single delivery date.


Pick your meals in the mealhero app.

The Mealhero chef suggests a variety of different foodboxes and meal kits. But you can decide what you'd like delivered. Choose for pre picked meal kits, single meals or single ingredients.

You decide: what to order and when to deliver. Completely at your own paste and likes.

There are over 700 unique recipes to choose from.

Home delivery

Mealhero delivers your foodbox throughout Belgium and The Netherlands.

You aren't set the a certain frequency. You can decide to order every week, every month and everything in between or upward.

You are able to pick the date. Mealhero will deliver everything at your front door.

Your smart steamer

Probably the new star of your kitchen. Completely yours.

There are over 700 unique recipes to choose from.

Mealhero app

Based on what you have in stock and what you like, your smartphone app will start looking for the best possible meal combinations. Just like a personal chef.

Download the Mealhero app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Pause or stop

Would you like to cancel your subscription? We hate to see you leave but will assist you in doing so.

You have a 30 day satisfaction warranty. If you might decide to quit mealhero within 30 days, you'll get your money back.

Food prices

Your smart steamer costs €249. Afterwards your meals will vary between €6 and €10 per meal, depending on the total size of your order.