Meal plan

Meal plan

1/ How it works?
You simply pick out the meal plan that suits you best. Pick out your number of people, meals an orders.

2/ Delivery
Your personal foodbox will be delivered once or twice per month. All with a 6 month expiry date.

3/ Meals
You are able to hand pick every single order. Weekly, there's over 50 different recipes.

4/ Smart steamer
You're free to use for €1/month. It will be delivered with your first food delivery.

5/ Payments
You weekly pay a part of your monthly delivery.

6/ Flexible
No week's the same. Starting, pausing or stopping your meal plan is possible at all time.

7/ Minimum
Our lowest delivery is 2 portions per week.


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The Mealhero chef suggests a variety of different foodboxes and meal kits. But you can decide what you'd like delivered. Choose for pre picked meal kits, single meals or single ingredients.

Use the mealhero app to personalize your flavor profile.

A few days before your delivery, you'll get a reminder with all necessary information.

Home delivery

Mealhero delivers your foodbox throughout Belgium and The Netherlands.

Our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday between 5.30 and 10 pm.

And you decide when and where, every single time.

Your smart steamer

Probably the new headliner of your kitchen.

In order to get started, we do require a small one time deposit of €60. Which you'll get refunded if you might decide to stop Mealhero.

1 or 2 people? You'll get 1 smart steamer. 4 people or more? You'll get 2 smart steamers.

Mealhero app

Based on what you have in stock and what you like, your smartphone app will start looking for the best possible meal combinations. Just like a personal chef.

Download the Mealhero app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Pause or stop

Would you like to change, reschedule or cancel your order? Reach out to us and our team will handle things for you.

Would you like to cancel your subscription? We hate to see you leave but will assist you in doing so.
Let us know through and our team will give you are practicalities to send back your smart steamer.
Have you been a mealhero for 2 to 4 months? You'll get a €20 refund in your deposit.
Have you been a mealhero for 4 to 6 months? You'll get a €40 refund in your deposit.
Have you been a mealhero for 6 months or more? You'll get a €60 refund in your deposit.

Food prices

Meal prices vary between €6 and €10 per meal, depending on the total size of your order. Delivery costs are always included.