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Select your favorite meals through the Mealhero app out of a weekly menu of over 50 meals. Order whatever you like or follow your meal plan. Everything's delivered to your doorstep with a 6 months shelf life.



Every Mealhero package has a smart tag. Simply place it in front of your smart steamer. It recognizes what it is and how to cook your entire meal to perfection. Just hit start and ... voila!



20 minutes later, your fresh and homemade meal is ready. For one or two people at the same time. Every ingredient is cooked to perfection within the entire meal. Ready to hit the dinner table. Enjoy!

Getting started

Healthy and delicious food, always at the touch of your fingertips and ready at the dinner table with just the push of a button? Oh yes! There's two ways to get started with Mealhero

Meal plan: go for a monthly meal kit plan. Simply select the number of people, meals and deliveries per month. Every month you get your unique Mealhero code which you can use in the app. Your smart steamer? You'll get it for free together with your meal kit.

Smart steamer: or buy your own smart cooker. Afterwards, you can order meals at your own paste as big or as small as you'd like. Everything'll be delivered to your doorstep whenever you like.

Pick your meals through the app

Every week, the Mealhero app shows you 50 different unique recipes to choose from.

Go for a selected food box by one of our chefs.
Or choose your own meals à la carte.
Or hit the Mealhero shopping cart and hand pick your own ingredients.

Everything's delivered to your door on Tuesday or Thursday evening in Belgium and The Netherlands.

About the app

Your smart steamer

Scan your ingredients in front of your smart steamer.

Because of the smart label, it recognizes every single ingredient and knows how to prepare it. Three separate steaming baskets cook every ingredient to perfection. So everything's all done right at the same time.

Your smart steamer is connected to your internet.

So it chit chats with your app on how much cooking time's left, what's in your freezer and personally suggests meals.

About the smart steamer

Delicious and healthy

Every meal takes up about 15 to 25 minutes. Your smart steamer cooks for 1 or 2 people at the same time.

Got a bigger family? A 4 people meal plan entitles you to 2 smart steamers. Easy peasy!

The only thing you'll have to do is push start and your smart steamer takes over. Time to relax after a busy day and enjoy healthy home made food. Enjoy!

About the meals