Try out Mealhero before you get started.

Do you want to give Mealhero a try before you buy? Let's do so!
We completely understand you want to test (and taste!) something before you buy it. Our Mealhero chefs will help you along.
Subscribe for a Mealhero Chefs event in your area and start cooking.

Let's get practical


In about 30-45 minutes one of our Mealhero chefs will explain to you everything about our smart steamer and - of course - cook up a meal!

Free of charge?

Absolutely, no strings attached!

Any preferences?

Let us know and we'll take it into account.


Feel free to bring along friends, family and so on.


Please do so, otherwise we'd might not have enough food. And we wouldn't want yo to return home hungry you know.

What did they have to say?


Perfect to get it all crystal clear in a short time.


Definitely worth checking it out!


The level of enthusiasm is unseen. I loved it.